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Does the SSL Visibility Appliance support IPv6? What are the protocol and frame encapsulation requirements?


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SSL Visibility Appliance Software


This article discusses SSL Visibility appliance support for IPv6, and what protocol or frame encapsulation is supported.


The SSL Visibility appliance's management interface can be configured with either an IPv4 or IPv6 address. The SSL Visibility appliance also supports SSL decryption on TCP packets in IPv4 and IPv6. The IP packet must be encapsulated in an Ethernet-II frame, with an optional VLAN tag: 802.1Q or 802.1ad (QinQ).

Network traffic for all other protocols and frame encapsulations are not sent to the SSL processing engine, including the following:
  • Cisco ISL
  • MPLS
  • GRE
  • IP-in-IP
  • UDP
  • ICMP
  • ARP
  • DSSL
  • IPsec