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Set the server key for YouTube API v3 on the ProxySG appliance


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


In April 2015, The YouTube Data API (v2) was discontinued. As a result, starting with SGOS, in order to use Blue Coat categories for YouTube API (v3), you must specify a valid Server Key on the Proxy. After an upgrade to SGOS or later versions, you also need to set the server key and enable YouTube as a provider. To obtain a server key, log in to the Google Developers Console, create a project and generate the key.



Generate and set the server key for YouTube API v3

Note: You require a Google account to access the Google Developers Console. If you do not have an account, you can sign up for one for free at

  1. Refer to Google's documentation for registering the application, generating, Enabling the  the YouTube Data API v3 key at
  2. Copy the generated API key.
  3. In the ProxySG Management Console, select Configuration > Content Filtering > YouTube.
  4. Paste the key into the YouTube Server Key field.
  5. Click Set. The console displays a dialog confirming the change. Click OK to dismiss the dialog.
  6. Beside Categorization for YouTube, click the Disabled link. The console displays the Configuration > Content Filtering > General tab.
  7. In the list of providers, select YouTube and click Apply. Your changes are saved.

Alternatively, log in to the command line interface (CLI), enter configuration mode, and issue the following CLI commands to set the server key:

#(config content-filter)youtube
#(config youtube)server-key <server_key>

The CLI responds ok if the key is valid. Then, enable the feature in the CLI:
#(config youtube)exit
#(config content-filter)provider youtube enable

For more information on these commands, refer to the Command Line Interface Reference.

Verify existing settings

To verify if a server key is already set on the appliance and if Blue Coat categories for YouTube are already enabled, select Configuration > Content Filtering > YouTube. Note the YouTube Server Key field:

YouTube Server Key field
The Categorization for YouTube link indicates either Enabled or Disabled.
If the YouTube is not enabled as a provider (and whether or not a server key is set), the Configuration > Content Filtering > General tab displays a link to set the key below the list of providers:
General tab displaying link to set server key
If a key is set and YouTube is enabled, the link does not appear on the General tab. 

Note: This feature is provided on an “as-is” basis.  Blue Coat has no control of, and is not responsible for, information and content provided (or not) by YouTube. Customer is required to apply and use its own API key in order to activate this feature, and therefore obligated to comply with all terms of use regarding the foregoing (for example, see, including quotas, restrictions and limits on use that may be imposed by YouTube.  Blue Coat shall not be liable for any change, discontinuance, availability or functionality of the features described herein.