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How to use the .nru image


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SSL Visibility Appliance Software


There are several reasons you may want to do a full upgrade on your appliance. This process will upgrade your rescue partition as well as your running partition. During the full upgrade process your current configuration will be removed. You may want to save a copy of it to import or reference later.


Follow these instructions to use use the .nru file to first upgrade your rescue image, and then upgrade the software running on the appliance.

Blue Coat recommends you have a console connection to the appliance. The console connection makes knowing when the .nru install is done easier, and it makes completing the factory reset easier, and most of all, it makes adding the networking information after the fresh install go a little easier. 
  1. First, the file you want to download from is the SSLV recovery image (.nru) version you want to run.
  2. After downloading the software locally to your PC, from the SSL Visibility Appliance WebUI, choose the localhost.localdomain > Update option.
  3. Select the .nru file you downloaded to upload to the appliance.
  4. After the file has been uploaded, you will see the Update window, which requests that you reboot to update the rescue partition. Click OK.
  5. Reboot the box with the button on the bottom, left and side of your screen. The system then starts shutting down and upgrading your rescue partition. This may take an hour or so.
  • With console access you can see the system working. When the grub menu comes up via console it will boot with the Boot SSL Visibility option.
  • After the system completes booting, it will come up and be accessable via the WebUI and the console. You have completed updating your rescue partition.
  1. At that point, via the WebUI, select  hostname.hostdomain > Halt/Reboot. Confirm reboot, and select Reboot.
  2. Open your console connection to the appliance. When the grub menu appears, select Factory re-install and press enter. Note: You must do this before the system reboots automatically on the Boot SSL Visibility option.
  • The factory reset process will start. This takes approximately an hour to complete. Review the console output to verify completion.
When the appliance comes up, it will be in a factory defaults state. The management network must be reconfigured from the LCD to continue. To configure the management network connection:
  1. Enter 01320132, then select Network.
  2. Enter IP, Netmask and Default Gateway
  • You may also use the bootstrap process to do this.  Proceed with Bootstrap and Post-Bootstrap Configuration.