Source BCAA 2102 Event ID2102


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CDP Integration Server


The following error occurs hourly within the Windows event log.
Source BCAA 2102 Event ID2102


A trusted Domain was added in environment that is not a child. The server where BCCA runs, errors are seen in the event log indicating failure to contact the new domain. This error is not indicative of a BCAA problem but rather a communication/trust problem between domain controllers.



The bcca.ini file, located in the install directory of the Auth Connector, has a setting that allow the suppression of errors in the event log.  The following example demonstrates how to suppress event log errors.

; The EventLogMask can have the following values:
; -1 = Turn off routine logging (errors during startup will still be logged)
;  0 = Log default events (most of these events are errors)
; The following settings also log all Default events:
;  1 = Log Authentication events (User and Group authentication failures)
;  2 = Log Debug events
;  3 = Log Authentication and Debug events

The un-commented line disables routine logging by using the -1 setting.