Meaning of the robot.cfg parm reuse_async_session
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Meaning of the robot.cfg parm reuse_async_session


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


What does the robot.cfg parameter reuse_async_session do?


UIM 8.51 Robot 7.9.x


•reuse_async_session = 1 

Eliminate an issue where every other time probe_config_get can fail. This problem was caused by IM keeping the session open and trying to send each subsequent probe_config_get on it. The first one works, but since the controller sends a close back up the chain, on the second request the session is already closed on the other side, and so the request fails and IM posts a “communication error” and closes its side. Then on the 3rd request IM opens a new session and it works, etc., etc. When reuse_async_session is set to 1, the controller puts the session back onto the session list instead of sending a close up the chain. This will be the default behavior in 7.95