Activating additional Windows iVMs in MAA


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Malware Analysis Software - MA



To add an Operating system base VM you need a Microsoft Windows License supplied by Blue Coat.

To add this license to an existing MAA installation you need to make sure you are running MAA version 4.2.1. Use the update function of the product if you are using an older Version of MAA.

In the MAA UI:
  • Navigate to System Settings >¬†intelliVM Profiles
  • Click the "Manage Activations" Button
  • Edit the activation proxy details if the appliance is located behind a proxy
  • Enter the license key into the field that matches the licensed OS (see details on OS licensing on the same page)
  • Click "Add this base image"
This procedure will take several minutes as after activating the Base Image image will be built.  You can then create intelliVM Profiles based upon this new base image.