Differences between the MACH5 and Proxy License Editions


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Because the different license editions are intended for different deployments, some of the default configuration settings are different between license editions. The Proxy Edition is meant to provide security and is thus more restrictive in allowing traffic through whereas the MACH5 edition is geared for application acceleration and is therefore more permissive.


License Editions

The license edition determines what features are available. ProxySG supports
two license editions:

  • Proxy Edition License - Supports all security and acceleration features. The Proxy Edition allows you to secure Web communications and accelerate the delivery of business applications.
  • MACH5 Edition License - Supports acceleration features and Symantec Cloud Service; on-box security features are not included in this edition. The MACH5 base license allows acceleration of HTTP, FTP, CIFS, DNS, MAPI, and streaming protocols.

Proxy Edition has the following default settings: 
    a.) Default Policy is DENY 
    b.) Trust client Destination IP is OFF 
    c.) Reject HTTP Errors 
    d.) Contains all features and functionality 

MACH5 Edition has these default settings: 
    a.) Default Policy is ALLOW 
    b.) Trust client Destination IP is OFF 
    c.) Tolerate HTTP Errors 
    d.) Contains a limited or feature subset of the Proxy Edition such as: 
         - No Content Filtering 
         - No IM proxy 
         - No HTTPS Reverse Proxy 
         - Limited Authentication Realms for Administrators only and not user based traffic.
         - Access logging limited to services that can be intercepted (CIFS, Endpoint Mapper, FTP, HTTP,
           TCP Tunnel, Windows Media, Real Media/QuickTime, SSL, HTTPS Forward Proxy, MAPI and Flash)

    e) Transparent WAN Interception disabled/bypassed