Browser does not display ProxySG Management Console correctly with Java 8 (SGOS 6.5.x)


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When using Java Version 8 (e.g., Update 31) with the ProxySG Management Console, you might experience the following issues:

  • The browser does not display the Management Console after logging in.
  • The browser displays the left navigation pane, but when you select an option the browser does not display the appropriate Management Console page.
  • When you click Launch to open the Visual Policy Manager (VPM), the VPM does not open. The Launch button then becomes inactive (grayed out).


Java 7 is supported for SGOS 6.5.x. Download the latest Java 7 update, if necessary.
To determine the version of Java JRE version that is running, open Windows Control Panel and launch Java. In the Java Control Panel, in the General tab, click About.

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SGOS Release Notes are available with the release image: > MySymantec > Downloads > Software Downloads section