Why are we seeing unusual OneClick client behavior after a network disconnect?


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CA Spectrum


Recently we had some network issues and the OneClick client became disconnected, from the web server for some minutes.  After the network issue was resolved and the connection re-established, our OneClick client reconnected automatically to the OneClick web server.  Afterwards, we noticed some unusual behavior, in the OneClick explorer panel, where certain functionality was missing, but only for some users.  

We found the following entry in the OneClick web server "Client log" on the OneClick web administration page.

Dec 20, 2017 4:24:22 PM - SPC-oneClickA-10596: User xxx has logged on to OneClick client from host YYY (z.z.z.z). 

Dec 20, 2017 4:13:14 PM - SPC-oneClickA-10603: User XXX has been logged off from host YYY (z.z.z.z) because its web server session timed out. This means the web server has not received a request from the OneClick client in 3 minute(s). Possible causes: the client proneClickess was killed, the client proneClickess is hung, or a network problem is preventing access to the web server.

Why are we seeing unusual OneClick client behavior after a network disconnect? 


This is applicable to any Spectrum environment, but more so for those operating in a complex network.e.g. if the client is connecting to the web server, via VPN.


We recommend, that after a client disconnect, where the user gets logged off and reconnected automatically, that the OneClick client needs to be restarted, if any unusual behavior is seen on the OneClick client.

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