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"Grub Error 5" after replacing an existing CPM hard drive with a blank drive


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In rare occasions the CPM may experience problems to boot up after replacing one of the existing hard drives with a blank drive.

Symptoms of the CPM booting problem are as follows:
  • one of the CPM hard drives (operating in RAID 1) is replaced with a blank hard drive
  • CPM is inserted back to the chassisĀ and fails to boot up
  • message "Grub Error 5" is visibleĀ on the console output and the booting process stops


The "Grub Error 5" message indicates a corrupted partition table.


1. Replace the new (blank) hard drive in the CPM with the original hard drive to allow it to boot
2. Run following command in the CPM Linux prompt to re-install the Grub image (including the partition table):

[[email protected] admin]# /crossbeam/bin/xos-setup-grub -r1 -i /

3. Shut down the CPM and perform the hard drive replacement procedure again
4. CPM should boot normally now