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Can one access log be uploaded to two FTP or HTTP servers?


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


You can upload the same access log to two different servers.

In the Management Console, select Configuration > Access Logging > Logs > Upload Client.
You can only select one Upload Client type per log, for example FTP client. Under Settings, you can set both Primary and Alternate FTP server hosts, but Alternate server will be used only if Primary fails.

In the Management Console, select Configuration > Access Logging > General > Default Logging, one protocol can only be logged to one log file as default logging, and there is no option to add another default logging log file.




Workaround 1

The appliance is designed to only upload one log file to one server host, hence if more servers are required to have similar log files, files should be duplicated outside of the ProxySG appliance, e.g., Schedule Windows copy (C:\> Copy <accesslog1> \\<server2>\<path>) from primary server to another server.

Workaround 2

Log one protocol (HTTP) to two different log files. (This uses ProxySG appliance resources like CPU and disk space.) To upload http-log to two servers:
   a. In the Management Console, select Configuration > Access Logging > Logs > Logs.
   b. Click New > Input Log Name (such as http-log2).
   c. Select Log Format and select what is required for the first log (such as http-log).
   d. Select similar "Log limits" as the first log.
   e. Click OK, and then Apply.
   f. Install the following CPL policy in Local policy.

  client.protocol=http  access_log[http-log2](yes)

NOTE: This is for HTTP protocol only, and if more protocols are required  include more protocols in the CPL.
NOTE: There is no requirement to enable default logging (Access Logging > General) for the access log.