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Why has Application disappeared from the Team Center Map when it is still reporting in the investigator


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


The Team Center Map view is no longer showing an application that was visible yesterday even though in the investigator I can see it is still reporting data. If I scroll back in the timeline on the map to yesterday the application appears again. Why is is removed today?


APM 10.x any platform


The Map data is only populated from transaction trace information not metrics. So even if the application is still active if no traces have been received for that application for a given period of time then the application will disappear from the map. This situation can arise if transaction trace sampling does not happen to capture anything for that application and if the application encounters no error situation that would cause the triggering of any errorsnapshot trace or autotrace from differential analysis.

The period for which applications will persist on the map since the last transaction trace was received is configurable and is documented here

In essence there are two properties

both have a default of 1 day. The properties are documented as pertaining to the Application Triage Map - but are also used for the Team Center Map