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Allow access to a single Google document without allowing access to all of


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


Allow access to a single Google doc while blocking the rest of access to


For this to work, the ProxySG must have SSL Interception enabled and configured, and the ProxySG must be able to see the full URL path for the HTTPS request.
If you haven't configured SSL Interception please follow TECH244873
The following URL is the one used in this example:
Once you have configured the ProxySG for SSL Interception, you will need to add a new Web Access Layer:

User-added image
In the image above the new Web Access Layer is called Google Docs.
Add a rule that blocks access to

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Next, add a rule to allow access to the URL that the users need to access. But due to how Google maintains the URLs for the docs, you cannot just copy the whole URL; you have to make use of regular expression to validate the URL path. For our example URL, we will use this part of the URL:


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With these two rules, users will now have access to the Doc that is required but access to will be blocked and you will not be able to access any other docs hosted by