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Fixing the time discrepancy for scheduled reports in Reporter 9 on Linux


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After installing Reporter 9 on Linux, I scheduled many reports to be archived. After the report generation time occurred and the reports were archived, the time stamp for those reports on the Archived Reports pane was in the future of the actual Scheduled time. 



Verify that the time is correct on the Linux server. 

[[email protected] ~]# date
Fri 02 Jan 2015 01:10:38 UTC 2015

[[email protected] ~]# clock
Thu 01 Jan 2015 10:10:52 AM UTC  -0.938477 seconds

The Reporter scheduled time is based on the date instead of the clock (hardware clock time).  We suggest that you enable NTP on your Linux server.  If you cannot enable NTP, you can set the date and clock manually.