Exception error "-1" when trying to install policy


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


You access the VPM in the Management Console, perform a change, and try to install policy. You receive an exception error:
Policy Install Failed
Following exception occurred while installing policy: -1

There are no event logs or errors in Statistics > Advanced > Policy > Results of Policy Load.

This issue happens with multiple browsers on the same computer and also on multiple computers.

A normal restart (hardware and software) on the ProxySG appliance does not resolve the issue, but pushing the policy via Director has no issues.



The fact that Director can push policy without error means that there is nothing wrong in the contents of the policy files themselves; the issue exists in the VPM mechanism to install policy. 


Perform an upgrade restart on the ProxySG appliance. A normal restart does not help in clearing the corruption issue but an upgrade would help because an upgrade always performs some sort of policy migration. This will help
in clearing any corruption.

If you do not want to or cannot upgrade, the alternative is to do a restore factory defaults. This will delete all files on the ProxySG appliance except IP data needed to access the console. Listable files, including policy files, will
be deleted. Theoretically, this action should also clear this type of corruption. For instructions, refer to article 000011251 or the Command Line Interface Reference for the SGOS version you are using.

SGOS documentation is located at: