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How to enable SCP access to Director


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How can I initiate an SCP connection for file transfer from my local machine to the Director appliance?


  1. Establish an SSH connection to Director using a terminal emulation program such as PuTTY or SecureCRT.
  2. Enter enable mode.
  3. Enter Shell mode by enter the CLI command shell
  4. Change the shell mode for username that you used for the SCP connection by enter the CLI command chsh -s /bin/bash <username>
    Sample output:
    Director.56 # conf t
    Director.56 (config) # shell
    Releasing the configuration lock.
    sh-3.2# chsh -s /bin/bash admin
    Changing shell for admin.
    Shell changed.
  5. Start the SCP client from the local machine, for example, WinSCP client.
  6. Go to Advanced Options and modify the "SCP/Shell" to "/bin/bash":
    • ​​WinSCP - Advanced Options for SCP/Shell
  7. Test the SCP connection.