Data Protection 15.2 - Is 'Wgnfile.exe' still part of the product?
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Data Protection 15.2 - Is 'Wgnfile.exe' still part of the product?


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In versions of Data Protection (DataMinder) prior to 15.x a executable called 'Wgnfile.exe' was shipped as part of the distribution package.  This was a command line executable that allowed administrators to interact with the wgn operating system which underpins the product.


Does 'wgnfile.exe' still ship as part of the data Protection 15.2 distribution package?


CA Data Protection 15.x


'wgnfile.exe' has now been superseded by functionality incorporated into the CA Data Protection Administration Console (ACon).  You can now access the operating system structure in a limited capacity via the Tools menu.  Select "View System Files" or "Edit System Files" to launch the System File Explorer in either edit or read-only mode.