How to resolve error message "Configuration error in /default, object [root], attrib = "???", too many errors" on PacketShaper


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PacketShaper displays the following error message in the info tab:

Configuration error in /default, object [root], attrib = "???", too many errors; discarding the rest


If PacketShaper is not integrated with PolicyCenter, then you may request that the customer run the command ds reset to reset the past directory server configurations that are stored on the PacketShaper.

The following example resets the past directory server configurations:
PacketShaper# ds reset
This command will discard directory access and shared configuration data,
returning the unit to local mode with default shared configuration values.

Please confirm if you really want to proceed (YES): yes

This command will not reboot the unit and reboot is not required. Please backup the configuration as this command will reset the existing class tree.