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How to create a Job on Director to manage Configuration Backups of your ProxySG


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Creating a Job to save and Backup your Configuration on your ProxySG's can save a lot of time in the case of appliance failure or other related issues which will require the full replacement or factory resetting of the ProxySG configuration.  This is also very good to have if you would like to duplicate your configuration from one ProxySG to another, if you are adding appliances to a cluster which need to contain the same polices.


Create a Recurring Job to Back up Devices.
1- In the Director Management console (DMC), select the "Jobs" tab.

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2- Make sure "Config Jobs" is the active selection in the Job Library.  Then click New > New Job > Config.  The “Create a New Job” Dialog displays.
3- Define the job's details by entering a Job Name and Description. The Job ID automatically duplicates the Job Name.

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4- Select the "Actions" tab.
5- Define the Job's actions:
  a. Click "New" and then use the Action drop down menu to select "Take Backup"
  b. Click on the browse button to Select Target Device(s).
  c. Select the devices to backup.  Click "OK"
  d. Click "Apply".

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6- Select the "Schedule" tab.
7- Enter the times to run the job:
 a. Select "This is a recurring job to be executed on": and select every weekday or when you would like to perform this job.
 b. Set the "At time": value and specify the time.
 c. Click the green plus button to add the times and dates to the List of times column.
8. Click "OK" to save the Job to Director.

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9. * You can manually execute the job:  Select the job in the "Job Library” and select "Execute".  The Job results will be displayed under "View Job Report" Link in the Jobs Description area.