Blower-Fan Replacement Guide for SG810/SG510


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SG-510 SG-810 ProxySG Software - SGOS


This guide deals with removal and replacement of the blower-fans in the stated hardware model platforms. For information on first unracking the unit and dismantling the external case to gain access to the blower-fans, please refer to the separate document "810-Series-Upgrade-Guide.pdf" (available on request from Support or your Symantec Partner).



Step 1. Unrack the unit and remove its upper external cover, as explained in the 810-Series-Upgrade-Guide (see section entitled "Preparing the Appliance"). Follow all relevant safety precautions stated in the guide.

Step 2. Unscrew the retaining screw located at the front right of the blower-fan cover (see screenshots 1 and 2).

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2:

Screenshot 2


Step 3. Push in the retaining tab located at the bottom left of the blower-fan cover, to unclip it from the chassis (see screenshot 3). It should now be possible to lift and remove the cover.
Do not discard the cover, as it will need to be replaced later.

Screenshot 3:

Screenshot 3

Step 4. Disconnect the three fan electrical connectors (see screenshots 4 and 5), then lift out the fans one at a time. The old fans can now be discarded.

Screenshot 4:

Screenshot 4

Screenshot 5:

Screenshot 5

Step 5. Position the new fans on their locator pins inside the unit's chassis (ensure correct orientation of each fan by referring again to screenshot 4), and attach their electrical connectors. The connectors are keyed, so should only install one way.

Step 6. Replace the blower cover, ensuring the locator tabs at its rear are correctly inserted in the chassis slots (see screenshot 6). The retaining tab on the left of the cover should simply click into place by pushing evenly down on the cover. Screw the retaining screw removed in Step 2 back in.

Screenshot 6:

Screenshot 6

Step 7. Replace the unit's upper external cover, then remount the unit (see section entitled Reassembling the Appliance in the 810-Series-Upgrade-Guide document).