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Error Message "Licensing : License key not installed (err=5505055)"


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ProxySG Software - SGOS SWG VA-100


When you install the license key on the ProxySG VA, you receive the following error message: Licensing key not installed:Birthcertificate missing from License file:




If you use a license file that is not protected with a passphrase, then you might receive the error message. You can install the license for the first time only if you use a license file protected with a passphrase.


If your ProxySG VA is new, ensure that the license file has a passphrase before you attempt to install it. A license file with a passphrase is only available when an offline SGVA license is purchased.

If you did not purchase an offline SGVA license, ensure that the ProxySG VA has access to the Internet. If access to the Internet is through another proxy, ensure that authentication is not required for the ProxySG VA and that it is allowed to access the Internet, and then do the following:

  1. Use the licensing request-key CLI command.
    1. Connect to CLI
    2. enable > licensing mark-registered
    3. enable > licensing request-key
    4. Use Symantec portal credentials
  2. In the Management Console, select Maintenance > Licensing > Install > Click Retrieve.