What do I when the CacheFlow restarted without generating a minicontext or core dump?


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CacheFlow Appliance Software


A CacheFlow appliance restarted, and as directed by a Blue Coat support engineer, I'm trying to find a core file to upload into my case. It appears that a core file was not generated. Why not, and what can I do to prevent this from happening in future?


Possible causes are:

  1. Power interruption
  2. Hardware issue

Steps to troubleshoot:

  1. Check to ensure that the core image setting is not set to 'none'. Default is "Context"

CF3x5#sh restart
Restart settings
  Restart:     software only
  Core image:  none <----------

  1. Determine if there was power interruption during the restart by looking at the uptime of other devices within the same rack or devices which share the same power source
  2. Change the power cable and power source
  3. Perform a hardware diagnostic:


  1. Re-seat and fasten hardware components in the Cacheflow chassis. Specifically the memory, power supply, CPU, and expansion cards.
  2. Log the serial console output on a PC that is connected to the CF. Sometimes the CF throws exception to the console before it rebootsMy