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XOS shar upgrade fails with the "pre_upgrade_check failed" error


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When performing an XOS shar upgrade, the upgrade process ends  with the following error:

[[email protected] rpm]# sh xos-upgradepack-A000-9.6.7-20.shar 
<output removed for clarity>
Perform pre-upgrade verification for XOS version 9.6.7-20 
./9.6.7-20/pre_upgrade_check: line 434: $RESULT_FILE: ambiguous redirect 
./9.6.7-20/pre_upgrade_check: line 435: $RESULT_FILE: ambiguous redirect 
./9.6.7-20/pre_upgrade_check: line 436: $RESULT_FILE: ambiguous redirect 
./9.6.7-20/pre_upgrade_check: line 437: $RESULT_FILE: ambiguous redirect 
./9.6.7-20/pre_upgrade_check: line 438: $RESULT_FILE: ambiguous redirect 
./9.6.7-20/pre_upgrade_check: line 439: $RESULT_FILE: ambiguous redirect 
./9.6.7-20/pre_upgrade_check: line 440: $RESULT_FILE: ambiguous redirect 
./9.6.7-20/pre_upgrade_check: line 480: $RESULT_FILE: ambiguous redirect 

!!!! ERROR !!!! 

pre_upgrade_check failed. 


This error might appear because some part of the current configuration is not valid in the new XOS version. The pre_upgrade_check process validates the configuration before performing any changes in the system. When an invalid configuration is detected, the upgrade process fails.

For example, in XOS versions 9.6.x an additional check for the remote-box command parameters has been added. The following configuration, where the remote-box parameter points to the chassis itself, not to the remote box, will be evaluated as invalid:

system-identifier 1

remote-box 2
remote-box 1


To resolve the problem, make sure that the current setup does not contain any configuration which is not valid in the new XOS version.

Considering the example above, change the remote-box command parameter so it only points to the another box in the pair:

system-identifier 1

remote-box 2