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How to troubleshoot WSS Agent (WSSA) uninstall issues


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Web Security Service - WSS


You attempt to uninstall the WSS Agent (WSSA) application from Windows by using Add/Remove Programs but receive a message that a newer version of the program has already been installed.

Command line uninstallation attempts also fail, such as: 

msiexec /x {4102C9CD-C185-404E-B821-673E9FEE9D30} 

What are the Windows WSSA Package Versions (Product Codes)?



From the command line, use the msiexec command to generate an uninstall log.


msiexec /x "c:\MyPackage\Example.msi" /L*V "c:\log\example.log"

Example using a recent WSSA .msi install file: 

msiexec /x "c:\temp\WinWSSAgentInstaller64-" /L*V "c:\temp\example.log"

NOTE: The /L*V parameter generates a verbose log.

This generated a debug log.

Property(S): AI_NEWERPRODUCTFOUND = {216652C2-709F-449B-B92F-9723C7E78384}
Property(S): OM = **********
Property(S): ProductCode = {4102C9CD-C185-404E-B821-673E9FEE9D30}

From this debug log, we see that the correct ProductCode to use for the command line uninstall is: 

Re-attempt the uninstall with this correct code.

msiexec /x {216652C2-709F-449B-B92F-9723C7E78384}

msiexec /x {216652C2-709F-449B-B92F-9723C7E78384} /quiet UNINSTALL_TOKEN=password


Additional Information

Windows WSSA/UA Package Versions


Recent WSSA Package Versions: 

  • WSSA v7.5.1: {B568DC34-54A7-4271-84CE-0F0B857E702D}
  • WSSA v7.4.2: {4D87558C-FA87-4588-A8B0-4B405561E52F}
  • WSSA v7.4.1: {CFE45D93-C2FF-4229-BCAF-B49C6D5F8175}
  • WSSA v7.3.5: {CCD25164-9D95-4877-9D18-8F341CB9F106}
  • WSSA v7.3.1: {1C393C28-F8A4-49A0-8B3C-18E1BDD03206}