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How to enable/disable HTTP handoff to Flash proxy via policy


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Asset Management Solution ProxySG Software - SGOS


New CPL format gestures have been added to ProxySG as of SGOS for enabling/disabling HTTP handoff to Flash (RTMP) proxy.

Here is CPL action usage:

Auto: Implies that when this action is triggered, the request will use whatever is set globally for HTTP handoff in Flash proxy.
Yes: Enables HTTP handoff when the action is triggered.
No: Disables HTTP handoff when the action is triggered.


You can write policy to set a rule that matches a condition (i.e. specific websites) that triggers the action.

For example, if you have HTTP handoff ENABLED (which is default) and you want to disable it for and, you could use the CPL in the following manner:

category=no_handoff_sites streaming.rtmp.http_handoff(no)

define category no_handoff_sites

*Note: As of the date of this article, this policy gesture is not yet available for use in the VPM.