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How to prevent ProxySG from multiplexing client connections on reverse proxy deployment?


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


As a reverse proxy, ProxySG uses a single TCP connection by multiplexing client connections from many different sources when it communicates with a back-end server. This may cause issues on the back-end server especially when the server identify the source based on the first request of the socket.


ProxySG may use a single TCP connection to a back-end server for multiple client connections because it uses HTTP persistent connection toward the server.



As a workaround, setting HTTP client persistence to "preserve" will have the ProxySG reflect the client connection to the server, and ProxySG will create a new TCP connection per each client while it uses HTTP persistent connection for the client connection from only the same source IP address.
url.domain=<URL> http.client.persistence(preserve)