After upgrade, PacketShaper is indicating Configuration error for iqosDiscoveryMode = "both".


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Error message
Configuration error in /default, object /Inbound/XXXXXX/XXXXX01, attrib iqosDiscoveryMode = "both", Traffic discovery mode "both" not applicable to traffic class XXXXX01.

This error message means the /Inbound/XXXXXX/XXXXX01 traffic class shouldn't have class discovery enabled.

If you look in the CONFIG.LDI file and search for traffic class /Inbound/XXXXXX/XXXXX01, you will see the following setting:

iqosDiscoveryMode: both


iqosOutsidePort: XXXX
iqosOutsidePortRange: XXXX
iqosInsidePort: XXXX
iqosInsidePortRange: XXXX



If you are already classifying TCP/UDP ports, PacketShaper is unable to further classify this type of traffic. Class discovery is not applicable in this case.
Older versions of PacketWise permitted this setting, so after upgrading, you may see this error.


How to resolve this issue:

1. In the PacketShaper CLI, issue the banner show command. You will see the "Configuration error" message.
2. Download config.ldi from your PacketShaper and remove the line iqosDiscoveryMode: both.
3. Upload the modified config.ldi file to your PacketShaper.
4. Issue the class load config.ldi CLI command.
5. The banner show output should no longer show the configuration error message.