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Does CA Date Simulator use DFSMS Media Manager directly?


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Date Simulator


Customer asked about the usage of DFSMS Media Manager.  They also asked if the problem reported by UA94418 occurs in CA Date Simulator. 

1 Does CA Date Simulator use DFSMS Media Manager directly? 

2 Does CA Date Simulator use user DIE exit? 

3 If CA Date Simulator uses DFSMS Media Manager and user DIE exit, what function is it used? 

4 Does CA Date Simulator has any requirement to apply UA94418? 

5 Does UA94418 have any impact to CA Date Simulator?




Date Simulator is using neither DFSMS Media Manager, directly nor DIE exit.

As far as I'm aware, there are no requirements to apply UA94418 related to Date Simulator and there should be no impact.