Unified Agent: Client receives authentication prompt from local proxy.


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Web Security Service - WSS


Users see a pop-up window requesting credentials when the Unified Agent (UA) is configured with proxy settings to contact the Web Security Service (WSS). The local proxy is also configured with web authentication and intercepts the initial request to client.threatpulse.net. Then the local proxy requests the UA client to authenticate.

Users receive an authentication pop-up window similar to the following:

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Web Security Service

Unified Agent


To bypass the authentication request pop-up, install the following policy into the proxy Local policy file.
On the ProxySG appliance:

  1. Select Configuration > Policy > Policy Files.
  2. In the Install Local File From selection menu, select Text Editor from the drop-down menu and click Install.
  3. Paste the following policy at the bottom of the file:

url.domain=client.threatpulse.net authenticate(no) ALLOW 
url.domain=ctc.threatpulse.com authenticate(no) ALLOW 

  1. Click Install.