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Packetshaper S-Series license keys didn't include Packet Capture key and other keys showing expiration date


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The license keys on some PacketShaper S-Series do not have the Packet Capture license included. In addition, the license keys have expiration dates when they should be perpetual licenses (no expiration date).

Output of version verbose CLI command:

                    Visibility: Activation 2014-06-18, Expiration: 2015-05-21
                       Control: Activation 2014-06-18, Expiration: 2015-05-21
                           FDR: Activation 2014-06-18, Expiration: 2015-05-21

Without the Packet Capture license, users are unable to run 'pcap' on their PacketShapers for troubleshooting. With the expiration date, at certain future date, the unit will end up with all expired keys and the unit will become non-functional.


The problem was with configuration in Network Protection Licensing Portal.


This issue has been resolved in the Network Protection Licensing Portal.

If you download and install the new license keys, you should see the Packet Capture license included. Also the keys will not have an expiration date.

Output of version verbose:

 Installed Keys:
                    Visibility: Activation 2014-11-19, Expiration Never
                       Control: Activation 2014-11-19, Expiration Never
                           FDR: Activation 2014-11-19, Expiration Never
                Packet Capture: Activation 2014-11-19, Expiration Never