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Configuring Line messaging app traffic traversing transparent ProxySG appliance


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


  • The ProxySG appliance is deployed transparently and SSL interception is configured
  • Line messaging fails to connect on port 443


There are two reasons for this behavior.

  1. Because Line Messaging uses non-standard SSL, interception breaks the connection with the servers at the following addresses:, 16 and 18.
  2. Further, the Line messaging client does not trust the ProxySG/Microsoft PKI signed certificates used to perform SSL interception when accessing and


To resolve this issue, configure ProxySG to bypass SSL interception for the hosts involved. 

Example hosts: 

  • (domain) 
  • (domain) 
  • need to bypass/tcp tunnel non-standard SSL traffic ", 16 and 18", Naver Line whole range is -

We then will need to bypass the Line messaging IP range “ -” from the ProxySG, steps as below:

  1. Login to Management Console > Configuration > Services > Proxy Services
  2. Create a new "Service" (name it as you see fit)
  3. In this new "Service", follow setup as below:

To bypass:
Proxy settings: Proxy: SSL
Listeners: Source: All ; Destination IP: ; Port range: 443 ; Action: Bypass

To TCP Tunnel:
Proxy settings: Proxy: TCP Tunnel
Listeners: Source: All ; Destination IP: ; Port range: 443 ; Action: Intercept

Note: The addresses provided are valid as of March 2, 2016 and may change. If they do, use a packet capture to identify the new hosts used to handle Line messaging communication or contact Symantec support.