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How to zip files in the PacketShaper S-Series diag folder


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PacketShaper S-Series


The "ZIP" CLI command is not available in PacketShaper 11.x (for PacketShaper S-Series models). Is there a way to ZIP the Diag folder in PS 11.x?



To ZIP the Diag files, use the File Browser in the Advanced user interface:
  1. Log in to PacketShaper web browser interface.
  2. Go to the Advanced UI.
  3. In the Info tab, click file browser.
  4. Click on the 9.258 folder.
  5. Select Zip for Action on the selected file(s):
  6. Enter diag as the Zip file name.
  7. Select the diag/ folder.
  8. Click go button.
  9. After the ZIP process is completed, click on the update button.
You should see the Diag.ZIP listed. You can download this file to your PC.

See PacketGuide: Create a Zip File, Download a File