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MAA - Patch for SSLv3 disable CVE-2014-3566


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Malware Analysis Software - MA


This article describes the installation of the Patch for CVE-2014-3566
Note: Only install this patch if you are running MAG2 v3.5.x or older!  SSLv3 is already disabled on MAA versions 4.x and greater.


Copy the attached file to your MAG2 Appliance's /tmp folder.
Login to your MAG2 appliance using the g2 user.

Run these commands to disable SSL v3:
[email protected]:/tmp$ sudo ./
[sudo] password for g2:

Console Output will look like this:

SSLv3 is enabled on this server. Disabling it..
Restarting web server..
Verifying SSL connection..
 - SSL TLS1.2 working
 - SSLv3 disabled

SSLv3 disabled on this server. System is safe.


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