How to verify the Shellshock patch has been applied to Director


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To download the Shellshock patch for Director, log in to the Network protection Download page. The patch file and notes are located under the Director downloads.
The Shellshock patch is a special package update for Director 6.1.x devices.  

Perform the steps in this article after applying the Shellshock patch. Because the Director version and build do not change after you install the patch, you should verify that the patch was applied.


Confirm that the patch was installed through the Director command line interface (CLI):

Log in to the Director SSH or serial console.

  1. Enter configuration mode:​
    Director #
    Director # conf t
  2. Enter shell mode:
    Director (config) # shell
    The console displays the sh-3.2# prompt.
  3. Verify the Bash version:
    sh-3.2# rpm -q bash

If the console displays bash-3.2-33.e15_11.4 or later, the patch was applied successfully.