Setting the g2 account password when it is unknown on releases previous to Malware Analysis Appliance 4.1.4


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Malware Analysis Software - MA


On releases of the MAA prior to 4.1.4, there is no way to reset the g2 password without the g2 password.  The g2 password is set during initial installation and may be forgotten.


When the 4.1.x server was first configured, a system snapshot was taken.  This snapshot is taken after the Windows base images are activated, but BEFORE the g2 and admin passwords are set.  If the system snapshot can be restored, you can use the default passwords for the g2 user (which is typically "norman" or "password").  The System Restore can only be accessed from the system console and in versions prior to 4.1.x, the system console is also password protected.  In versions of MAA 4.1.4 and greater, the console password has been removed, which allows access to the System Restore menu option.

If the MAA is not running 4.1.4 or greater,  you will need to upgrade through each release to at least 4.1.4.  

WARNING . . . restoring the System Snapshot will delete all samples, tasks, profiles and configuration on the appliance.  Use with extreme caution.  

Once the system has been restored, connecting to the UI will star the configuration wizard and will prompt you to enter a new g2 username and password.

At this point the system will most likely be at an old version of the MAA software and need to be upgraded once again to the latest version.

The time to complete the upgrades will require 30-60 minutes.  If the above process does not work, please contact technical support for further assistance.