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AWS - Prepare for Rollback fails after 2 hours


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AWS - Prepare for Rollback fails after about 2 hours, and the following error is seen in /var/log/aws.log:
 Apr 16 20:47:49 20140416214524root (26146): This may take up to 2 hours, please be patient...
Apr 16 22:48:52 20140416214524root (26146): Error Error sending command: /crossbeam/bin/xos-copy-dist -d 1 -o

Received response: , aborting workflow!




The AWS -Prepare for Rollback option copies the contents of the current distribution on the HDD to the other Distribution. A timeout occurs if the distribution copy doesn't complete within the allotted 2 hours limit.
There can be many reasons for AWS - Prepare for Rollback to not complete in 2 hours, which includes excessive data to be coped, HDD hardware faults etc.


Check the disk usage using the command 'df -h' and delete logs files etc to reduce the disk usage, and then try the AWS -Prepare for Rollback again.

Here are examples of data that can be deleted.
1. Check Point /Sourcefire log files that were saved within Tftpboot directory. Please engage Check Point / Sourcefire support to delete all log files etc. that can be deleted.

2. Older version of XOS. Run 'Upgrade show release' and delete versions older than the 'current' release using 'upgrade remove <XOS version>'.

3. Follow instructions in Kb article 4137 to delete dbha_xmlrpc.log and/or alarm_xmlrpc.log files from /var/log directory of any of these 2 files are large.

4. In certain situations you may have to temporarily delete the cbi files from
  /usr/os/apps/archive directory. Please note that cbi files for applications that are currently installed on the vap-groups will need to be placed back in this directory once the copy distribution is completed. Also, since these cbi are deleted and not copied to other distribution, if you do have to rollback to current XOS version after XOS upgrade, then again you would need to copy the cbi files back to the directory.


Run smartctl tests to check for any HDD hardware issues.


 Manually perform xos-copy-dist procedure instead of using AWS - Prepare for Rollback