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Creating IP static route


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Creating and Reviewing IP static Routes


You require a static route to be added to your XOS configuration or you want to see the current configured static routes.


Command for adding static routes:
Syntax (IPv4):
configure ip route {<IP_address> <subnet_mask> | <IP_address>/<0-32>} <next_hop_IP_address> [domain <domain_ID>] [circuit <circuit_name>] [vap-group <VAP_group_name>] [description <description>] configure no ip route {<IP_address> <subnet_mask> | <IP_address>/<0-32>} <next_hop_IP_address>

To remove an IPv4 static route:
configure no ip route {<IP_address> <subnet_mask> | <IP_address>/<0-32>} <next_hop_IP_address>
Syntax (IPv6)
configure ip route <IP_address>/<0-128> <next_hop_IP_address>
[domain <domain_ID>] [circuit <circuit_name>] [vap-group <VAP_group_name>] [description <description>]

You access this command from the main CLI context. This command places you in the config-ip-route context.

To remove an IPv6 static route:
configure no ip route <IP_address>/<0-128> <next_hop_IP_address>

To add a static route global to the chassis use the following command:
CBS# configure ip route circuit outside

Add a static route specific to a vap group:
CBS# configure ip route vap-group fw

To delete this route:
CBS# configure no ip route vap-group fw

To add a static route for the Management CPM:
CBS# configure management default-gateway

To review the ip routes use the following command:
grp4# sho ip route
Module Destination Gateway Metric Device
fw_1 0 vnd1028
fw_1 0 vnd1027
fw_1 0 vnd1029
fw_1 0 eth0
fw_1 0 lo
av_1 0 inside
av_1 0 vnd1027
av_1 0 vnd1029
av_1 0 eth0
av_1 0 lo
av_1 0 vnd1029
ids_1 0 eth0
ids_1 0 lo
primarycpm 0 eth2
primarycpm 0 eth0
primarycpm 0 lo
primarycpm 0 eth2