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MAA/MAG2 has a stuck queue


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Malware Analysis Software - MA


Sometimes queues on the Malware Analysis appliance fill up and nothing seems to be processing.  Clearing the queue does not help and the queues continue to fill up and nothing processes.

In the start-IVM logs you may see:
Feb  3 17:52:16 mag2 start-iVM-11[13770]: firewall 1 successfully applied
Feb  3 17:52:20 mag2 start-iVM-11[13770]: ivm initialization complete. attempting to connect...
Feb  3 17:53:51 mag2 start-iVM-11[13770]: Could not connect to VM (task: 294771)
Feb  3 17:53:51 mag2 start-iVM-11[13770]: EXCEPTION {'backtrace': ['Traceback (most recent call last):',
Feb  3 17:53:51 mag2 start-iVM-11[13770]: '  File "", line 189, in process_task',
Feb  3 17:53:51 mag2 start-iVM-11[13770]: 'CouldNotConnectException: could not connect'],
Signing in as the ma2 user, and listing vms provides errors:
[email protected]:~$ vboxmanage list vms
VBoxManage: error: Failed to create the VirtualBox object!
VBoxManage: error: Start tag expected, '<' not found.
VBoxManage: error: Location: '/home/mag2/.VirtualBox/VirtualBox.xml', line 1 (0), column 1.
VBoxManage: error: /home/vbox/vbox-4.1.22/src/VBox/Main/src-server/VirtualBoxImpl.cpp[484] (nst())
VBoxManage: error: Details: code NS_ERROR_FAILURE (0x80004005), component VirtualBox, interfac


Oftentimes the VirtualBox.xml file gets corrupted and needs to be rebuilt.


1.  Sign in as the g2 user
2.  sudo su -  (to connect as root)
2.  cd /home/mag2/.VirtualBox
3.  ls -l

Look to see if VirtualBox.xml has size of 0 like the example below:

-rw------- 1 mag2 mag2     0 Jan 24 19:32 VirtualBox.xml
-rw------- 1 mag2 mag2 65507 Jan 24 19:32 VirtualBox.xml-prev

If the file is 0 bytes, run the following:
4. cp VirtualBox.xml-prev VirtualBox.xml
5. Restart the services by running supervisorctl restart all