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Using the "md5sum" to verify a file downloaded from the Crossbeam Customer Support Portal


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This article describes how to use the md5sum hash provided with a file to verify its integrity after downloading it from the Crossbeam Customer Support Portal Software Download pages.n/a


The definition of a file's m5sum hash in its simplest term is a digital fingerprint.  Crossbeam provides an md5sum hash reference for each file available for download from their Software Downloads page.  This md5sum can be used to identify if the file has maintained its source integrity after the download is complete.  Most personal computing systems available today have a program available to identify the "md5sum" of a specified file.


Within each "Content" page from which a Crossbeam file can be downloaded, there is a "Release MD5" field that references the md5sum hash for that file.  You can can refer to this hash value to determine if file download was successful or not. Run an md5sum hash on the downloaded file and compare it to the "Release MD5" value. If they do not match, then the downloaded file should be considered corrupted and you should immediately delete it.