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Could not find the dialog name for TASK that invokes ADSORUN1


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We have a task that invokes ADSORUN1. I was under the impression this TASK name would be a mainline dialog name, but there is no such dialog. What does this task invoke?


Release: IDADSO00100-18.5-ADS-for CA-IDMS


The TASK code that invokes ADSORUN1 can be the name of a Mainline Dialog.

It can also be a task code defined to invoke an ADSA Application. 

In the ADSA application definition you specify the Task code (that must be defined in sysgen to invoke ADSORUN1) and of course all of the dialogs that are executed as part of the Application are defined as well, including the initial mainline dialog. 

To find the ADSA application name for a specific TASK Code that invokes ADSORUN1:

While set to the correct DICTNAME for the Application and Dialogs in question, at ENTER NEXT TASK CODE issue 

LOOK [email protected] 

This is the module that contains the Task codes and ADSA Application names (updated by the ADSA compiler). 

If you scan the decimal portion of the LOOK dump looking for the TASK codes you are interested in, the next literal will be the ADSA Application name 

Example, here is a portin of said display:


[email protected] was #LOADed From --> TSTDICT 

Entry Point Offset +0 - Reentrant - AMODE 31 - RMODE ANY 

1,472 Bytes in Load Module [email protected] loaded at 40D5FC00 


Module Offset Date Time FMID RMID 


[email protected] +4 150312 1429 


40D5FC00 +0 E3C1E35C 5BC1C3C6 7CE3C1E3 F0F361F1 TAT*[email protected]/1 

40D5FC10 +10 F261F1F5 F1F4F2F9 F0F4F3F0 004E0001 2/1514290430.+.. 

40D5FC20 +20 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 ................ 


40D5FC40 +40 C1C4E2C1 40404040 5BE3D6D6 D3E3C3C6 ADSA $TOOLTCF 

40D5FC50 +50 0001C1C4 E2C34040 40405BE3 D6D6D3E3 ..ADSC $TOOLT 

40D5FC60 +60 C3C60001 C1C4E2C3 C4D4C540 5BE3D6D6 CF..ADSCDME $TOO 

40D5FC70 +70 D3E3C3C6 0001C1C4 E2D34040 40405BE3 LTCF..ADSL $T 

40D5FC80 +80 D6D6D3E3 C3C60001 C1C4E2D4 40404040 OOLTCF..ADSM 

40D5FC90 +90 5BE3D6D6 D3E3C3C6 0001C1D3 C2E4D440 $TOOLTCF..ALBUM 

40D5FCA0 +A0 4040C2C3 C2C1D3C2 E4D40001 C1E2C640 BCBALBUM. 


the table starts at +40 


so TASK Code ADSA invokes Application $TOOLTCF (as do a few other Task codes) 

TASK Code ALBUM invokes Application BCBALBUM... etc