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How to bypass an Layer 2 Application that uses Transparent Mode on L2-L3 serialization


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How to bypass an Layer 2 Application that uses Transparent Mode on L2-L3 serializationYou may need to bypass a Layer 2 application for troubleshooting needs.


1) This is recommended only on DBHA environments. Start on the Backup VRRP chassis. (This procedure causes down time. For this reason. this solution is not recommended in a Single chassis environment.)

2) You will need to stop your layer 2 application and disable application monitoring.
- application xxxx vap-group yyyyy stop
- config vap-group yyyy
- no application-monitor

3) Delete the entry "bridge-mode XXX transparent " and re-create in mode bridge "bridge-mode XXX bridge"

4) Failover from the master to the backup.

5) If you need validation to be done on both chassis do the same process on the new backup chassis.

If you have a L2-L2-L3 application repeat these steps for each of your L2 applications.

To roll back this change, reverse each of the changes.

Please consult the XOS Command reference guide and XOS configuration guide on your version for more details.

!!!!! VERY IMPORTANT !!!!!
Test this procedure in your lab environment before doing on any production equipment.