Rebuilding VSX configuration across chassis


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How to rebuild the VSX configuration through vsx_util reconfigure in a DBHA environmentN/A


To rebuild a VSX configuration across multiple chassis, perform the following steps:

IMPORTANT: Before rebuilding your chassis or swapping CPM HDDs, copy the file /tftpboot/.private/apps/vsx_vrrp_id.<vap-group-name> to an external server

1.       If you have a multiple VAP group configuration, save the vsx_vrrp_id file corresponding to each individual VAP group.

2.       Restore the original template XOS configuration containing all the template circuits.

3.       Re-install VSX application on both chassis.

4.       Copy this vsx_vrrp_id file to both chassis. The file must be located in the same directory on both chassis.

5.       Save the configuration.

6.       Reload the VAP group.

7.       For each VAP, run the VSX reconfiguration utility by issuing the following command from CP management sever: vsx_util reconfigure

8.       Repeat step 7 on the second chassis.

9.       Once all the cluster members are reconfigured across both chassis, check that the vrrp-id’s assigned to each VSX circuit are consistent. Reload the VAP group.


Using the vsx util reconfigure command may cause issues with the SIC on VSX. Please contact Check Point Technical Support for assistance with SIC issues.