How to connect NPM-8600 console port


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Describes steps needed to connect NPM-8600 console port


In order to connect to the serial port located on an NPM-8600, the same type of cable should be used as when connecting to CPM console port. Depending on the dongle (DB9/IDC10 connector cable) type, an adapter may be necessary.


1).  Connect the host to port A on the NPM-8600.

The dongle should be connected to "PORT A" on the NPM-8600. Port A is located on the top left corner of the board when it is pulled out from X40/X80 chassis.

Once the dongle is connected to the NPM-8600, the host system with the VT100 terminal should be connected to it via DB9/DB9 cable.

2).  Launch the VT100 compatible terminal application and enable output logging to the file.

Launch VT100 compatible terminal application (ie. minicom under Linux/Unix, PuTTY under Windows). The default settings are: 9600 8N1, no flow control. Enable logging output from the terminal to the file.

3).  Boot the NPM.

Re-insert the NPM-8600 into it's slot or restart NPM if the dongle was attached earlier.

The NPM starts booting and displays information as below:
Crossbeam Systems, Inc. Bootstrap Complete. Rev
INFO - Executing cold self-test.

A successful NPM-8600 boot should finish with the following messages:
init: rc: [I] : Waiting for cbsnpmcfgd to finish initial configuration...
cbsif: Port 25, Up 10000Mbs Full duplex.

BusyBox v1.2.1 (2009.11.02-23:12+0000) Built-ion shell (ash)
Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands.

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