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How to forward syslog messages from APMs to external logging server


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When using XOS 8.0 or older, syslog messages from APMs are not forwarded by default to the configured logging server.If you are running an older version of XOS (7.x or 8.0) and enable log forwarding to a remote syslog server using the CLI command "configure logging server", only messages generated by CPM processes will be forwarded to the external logging server. 


 This article shows a configuration change at UNIX level that enables syslog to forward all messages. 


XOS 8.1 and any later releases implement the switch "-h" and all syslog messages are sent to the configured logging server automatically.


If you wish to forward all messages (including those from processes running on APMs), you need to follow the following procedure on the CPM. You have to be familiar with a unix text editor, in this example vi.  

1) Log into XOS and then switch to the UNIX command line as root: 

CBS# unix su

2) Open the file /etc/sysconfig/syslog with a text editor such as vi

[[email protected] admin]# vi /etc/sysconfig/syslog

3) Edit the the line defining SYSLOGD_OPTIONS. You need to add the option "-h" so the line looks like this:
SYSLOGD_OPTIONS="-m 0 -r -h" 
4) Save the file and leave the editor

5) Restart the syslog service: 
[[email protected] admin]# service syslog restart 

6) Verify that syslogd is running with the changed command line options

[[email protected] admin]# ps ax | grep syslogd 
20592 ?        S      0:00 syslogd -m 0 -r -h

After this change you should see new messages from APMs coming onto the remote syslog server.