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What is the BATCHSIZE we use for the DBTRIM via arcotcommon.ini (automatic Trim) ? What is the default BATCHSIZE for manual DBPRUNE tool?


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CA Rapid App Security CA Advanced Authentication CA API Gateway


CA Strong Authentication and CA Risk Authentication can use a either a manual DBPrune tool or the automatic arcotcommon.ini based DB trimming tool to keep critical tables from growing too large. Tables that grow too large lead to processing delays, hence pruning of DB tables is a must.  

BATCHSIZE parameter when provided for manual DBPrune tool leads to a fixed number of rows in the DB table to be deleted and that deleted batch is committed immediately to the database. Note that automatic DB trim facility trims with BATCHSIZE set at 1000 rows and the BATCHSIZE for automatic trim cannot be configured. But note that for the manual DBPrune tool the BATCHSIZE can be configured.  Below is the usage of the DBPrune tool. 


Usage: DBPrune -days N [-batchsize N] [-pause N] [-report] 
-days N: delete records older than N days 
The value for comparison is calculated by: 
retrieving the current date/time in GMT 
setting the time to midnight 
subtracting the given number of days 
-batchsize N: delete records in batches of N 
-pause N: pause for N seconds between batched deletes 
-report: don't delete, just show a report of what would be deleted 

What is the BATCHSIZE that is used  for the DBTRIM via arcotcommon.ini (automatic Trim) ?  What is the default BATCHSIZE for manual DBPRUNE tool? 


Production/Lower Environments


For manual DBPRUNE tool, If the BATCHSIZE parameter is not provided, the default BATCHSIZE is 1000. For the automatic DB Trim tool (via arcotcommon.ini) BATCHSIZE is fixed as 1000.

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