NPM-86xx is rebooted due to a crash


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NPM-86xx is rebooted due to an ASSERT in FlowInProvisioning(Flowid), which occurs due to a race condition. The fix is available in XOS 9.5.4.The NPM-86xx is rebooted due to a crash, and the following log entries are seen in the log file:

Jan 18 14:57:11 npm2 cbs_np6_flowd[584]: [F] FP_UPD_FLOW_MATCH_INFO1: ASSERT "FlowInProvisioning(flowid)" failed at flow_proc.c:3604
Jan 18 14:57:11 Crossbeam1 cbssysctrld: [I] NPM 2 began crash dumping
Jan 18 14:57:11 Crossbeam1 cbsirmd: [I] Node state change: slot 2 state 11
Jan 18 14:57:11 npm2 kernel: elf_core_dump: dumping physical region 1 = 8000000031000000:4efee000

The core file created due to the crash is saved in /tftpboot/NPM6_<slot#>/cbs_flowd/.


The NPM ASSERT referred in the example above occurs due to a race condition, which causes the NPM to crash and reboot. It might happen only when chassis is equipped with more than one NPM.


The issue was the false positive ASSERT due to a race condition, which results in an NPM-86xx to crash and reboot. The issue has been resolved in the following XOS releases:
  • 9.5.3 SP1
  • 9.5.4
  • 9.6.0
ID 28208 Addressed a race condition in the NPM-86xx that could lead to false positive asserts.