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OSPF generates corrupted LS update after adding or removing a network statement


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A software issue in RSW can cause a corrupted LS update to be generated when there is a large number of links. This issue has been observed with RSW 8.2.0.In an OSPF network with a large number of links (hundreds and more), a change to network configuration is not reflected in the network. After adding a new network statement into OSPF configuration, the new network isn't propagated on other routers in the area. Some OSPF adjacencies may go down after the change, resulting in connectivity issues. Similar situation happens after removing a network from the topology.
OSPF neighbors report a corrupted LSA when debug ospf all is enabled, for example:
2013/04/21 06:27:47 OSPF: *LSA corrupted* 


A valid OSPF link entry within Link State Advertisement (LSA) should be 12 bytes long. Due to a software issue the OSPF routing daemon may send a corrupted LSA, where the last link entry in the LSA has only 8 bytes. These 8 bytes are duplicated from the previous link entry in the LSA.


This issue has been recognized as a software error and a fix is available from Blue Coat Technical Support.