List of items a customer should put together to identify a faulty GBIC


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The customer can make use of this procedure to collect all necessary data in one step when troubleshooting a potential GBIC fault.Individual or multiple link flaps occurred on the NPM port(s). The customer suspects a faulty GBIC on Crossbeam.
/var/log/messages may contain lines "possibly bad SFP" 


Goal: Collect as much information as possible to simplify and speed up a potentially faulty GBIC identification.


The the following steps should be performed:

1. Cabling and GBIC:
a) was cabling checked?
b) was GBIC re-inserted?
c) was a different port on NPM and switch tested?
2. Crossbeam part:
1. Telnet to a particular NPM module and get the following:
a)GBIC info:
cat /proc/driver/cbsif/Geth<number>/sfp_info 
b)NPM port info:
cat /proc/driver/cbsif/Geth<number>/port_info
cat /proc/driver/cbsif/Geth<number>/sw_mii_regs

Where <number> is a particular port number on the NPM card.

c) /var/log/messages either separately or as a part of "show-tech bundle" 
3. Adjacent switch/router part:
a) get router/switch logs - any corresponding link flap or other related messages are present?
b) switch/router port side has a GBIC or is directly connected to the switch/router?


No workaround available.