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XOS upgrade fails due to insufficient disk space


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How to find top large files occupying the root partition and preventing to perform XOS upgrade.When performing XOS upgrade the following error might be returned during the pre-upgrade verification process:

ERROR: The free space on the disk is not sufficient to perform the upgrade. 


In case that pre-upgrade verification process complains about insufficient disk space on the root (/partition and there are no old XOS releases which could be removed by upgrade remove <release> CLI command, it is necessary to search for files consuming the disk space on the root (/) partition.


To find top disk users on the /tftpboot or / partition, df -h and /crossbeam/bin/cbs_disk_usage command can be used. This command only returns top large files for the VAPs.

#df -h


When troubleshooting the free disk space issues during the XOS upgrade, the top disk users for the root partition should be found. A convenient way to get top 10 files is to use the following command from the Linux shell:

#find / -mount ! -name '*.o' ! -name '*.so' -type f -printf "%s %p\n" | sort -b -n -r -k 1 | head -20

*to specifiy specific directory, edit the / to required directory, for example for /tftpboot:

# find /tftpboot -mount ! -name '*.o' ! -name '*.so' -type f -printf "%s %p\n" | sort -b -n -r -k 1 | head -20