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How to determine which Service Patch is installed on XOS


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This article describes possible ways to determine the Service Patch (SP) installed on a chassis.This article describes possible ways to determine the Service Patch (SP) installed on a chassis.



To determine the SP installed on the X-Series chassis.


Use any of the following methods to determine which SP is installed on a chassis:

Method 1

Run the CLI command show current-release verify-rpm


CBS# show current-release verify-rpm
Copyright (c) 2000-2012 by Crossbeam Systems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
Version: XOS 8.5.4 [May 25 2010 12:16:42] (bldmgr)
gcc: gcc version 2.96 20000731 (Linux 7.3 2.96-112)
CVS_Label: XOS-8_5_4_0-20100525_1
Kit_Number: 24
Upgraded rpm:crossbeam-xos-ap-kernel-EL-VsxE_smpxos-8.5.4
from: crossbeam-xos-ap-kernel-EL-VsxE_smpxos-8.5.4-24 on vsx_common

Result: The XOS kernel for VSX was patched with an SP. The installed kit level is 43. It replaces the original version "24" of the RPM, shown in the second line of the output.

Note: The output of the command show current-release verify-rpm is also included in the output of the show tech-support command.

Method 2

Open a a UNIX prompt on the CPM and run the command cbs_verify_rpm


[[email protected] rpm]# /crossbeam/bin/cbs_verify_rpm
Upgraded rpm:crossbeam-xos-cp-daemons-9.5.4-
from:crossbeam-xos-cp-daemons-9.5.4-30 on CPM
Upgraded rpm:crossbeam-xos-ap-kernel-EL5-ElSalvador_smpxos-9.5.4-36
from:crossbeam-xos-ap-kernel-EL5-ElSalvador_smpxos-9.5.4-30 on vsx_common

Result: Two SPs were installed in this example. CPM daemons were patched using SP kit level 37 and the APM v5 Linux kernel was patched using the SP kit level 36.

Method 3

From the UNIX prompt, manually check the RPM versions on either the CPM or on the VAP member (depending on the nature of the SP) for a specific SP kit level. Use the following syntax:
[[email protected] admin]# rpm -qa | grep <kit_number>


vsx_1 (CBS): [vs0] ~# rpm -qa | grep -- "-33$"

Result: The output confirms that the two APM RPMs were patched with SP kit level 33.

Note: This method is useful only for cases where there is a need to check for the presence of a particular SP kit level. To get the list of all patched files, use Method 1 or 2, above.